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300kg/hr -3000kg/hr HDPE bottle recycling line include crushing cold washing hot washing dewatering machine

LDPE HDPE film bags Waste Plastic Recycling Machine Line Product Description:

Mineral water bottles washing line is mainly used for crushing, washing, palletizing of PE bottles to realize auto separation for caps and labels: belt conveyer, crusher, steam washer, scrubbing washing unit, rinsing and precipitation washing unit, centrifugal dewatering unit, hot air flow drying unit, and electric control cabinet. Which capability arrange 300-2000KG/h.

Introduction of PE PP HDPE BOTTLE recycling Crushing washing drying machine

This hdpe recycling machine is designed and manufactured by XINTING MACHINERY, which is widely used for waste plastic HDPE bottle, PP kettle, etc. The waste dirty material go through crushing, washing, drying process will turn to be clean flakes for pelletizing. We also supply plastic pelletizing line (plastic granulator) to make the clean flakes into pellets (granules). The renewable pellets (granules) can be made into plastic barrel, plastic pipe, plastic frame, farm implement, machine components, and so on through extruding forming machine. They are widely used in agriculture, construction, industry and our daily life. In this way, we achieve the reuse of waste plastic recycling and the purpose of protecting our environment.

Working of 300kg/hr -3000kg/hr HDPE bottle recycling line include crushing cold washing hot washing dewatering machine

    • Belt conveyor: conveying dirty plastic bottle into crusher. If too much scrap iron, metal detector needed
    • Crusher: with water, cut plastic bottle into small size
    • Screw loader: load bottle flakes into the next step
    • Friction washer: washing out the sand, soil and loading the material
    • Floating washer: separate the sand, soil and other dirties
    • Dewatering machine: remove the water from the material
    • Hot air drying system: drying the bottle flakes
    • Storage hopper: collect the clean material
    • Control cabinet: Schneider, Siemens, etc.
Material Model Capacity Installed power Water supply Manpower Area required
HDPE/PP bottle XT300/1000 300kg/h 90 KW 4-5m3/h 1-2 person 22*5*3.5(L*W*H)
500kg/h 115 KW 5-6m3/h 2-3 person 25*6*5.5(L*W*H)
1000kg/h 215 KW 7-8m3/h 4-5 person 35*6*5.5(L*W*H)

NO Item Qty
1 Bale breaker 1 set
2 Belt conveyer 1 set
3 Crusher 1 set
4 High-speed friction washing machine 1 set
5 Floating washer include hot washing and cold washing 1 set
6 Screw feeder 1 set
7 Dewatering machine 1 set
8 Drying system and storage hopper 1 set
9 Electrical control cabinet 1 set

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