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Plastic PE pipe production line for diameter 16-630mm PE pipe extrusion line

Hdpe pipe extrusion line/PE pipe extrusion line/production line

This Large diameter HDPE/MDPE fuel gas/water supply pipe production line is mainly used for producing large diameter HDPE/MDPE pipe. The pipe has some excellent features such as heating resistant, aging resistant, high mechanical strength, environmental stress cracks resistant, good creep resistant, etc. It is a preferred gas conduit for ductwork systems between city and its suburb, water supply in city.
PPR pipe production line

PE pipe extrusion line features:

High efficiency extruder is designed for HDPE pipe, equipped with reducer which is high speed and low noise, feeding section with cooling unit and reversing spiral groove, different pitch undulant screw which allows great output, lower melting temperature, and lower energy consumption.
Constituent of PE pipe extrusion line
1,Distributed spiral composite extrusion die-head ensures the melting pressure and flux even and stable, the surface of pipe smooth and glossy.
2,Vacuum calibration and spray water cooling tank made of stainless steel ensures precise calibration and fast cooling.
3,Adopts multi claws haul-off unit, speed adjusted by frequency inverter.
4,Equipped with planetary cutter. Be able to cut large diameter and thick wall pipe.
5,Equipped with pipe-making line.
6,Small diameter use winding machine. Large diameter pipe used stacker

Model PEG-75 PEG-160 PEG-250 PEG-400 PEG-500 PEG-630 PEG-800
Main extruder SJ-50*33 SJ-65*33 SJ-65*33 SJ-80*33 SJ-90*33 SJ-100*33 SJ-120*33
Assistant extruder SJ-30*25 YSJ-30*25 YSJ-30*25 SJ-30*25 SJ-30*25 SJ-45*30 SJ-45*30
Pipe dia. (mm) Φ16-Φ75 Φ63-Φ160 Φ90-Φ250 Φ200-Φ400 Φ280-Φ500 Φ350-Φ630 Φ500-Φ800
Output (kg/h) 150 250 300 500 750 900 1200
Production speed (m/min) 1-16 0.5-12 0.2-4 0.2-2 0.1-1.5 0.06-1.5 0.05-1
Installed power (kw) 80 150 200 260 360 430 600


Standard series:Φ10mm-Φ1600mm spiral allotment type or skep types flow devide body. The best design of the low melting temperature causing small tube internal stress and smooth inside and outward appearance. High flexibility is applicable to all polyolefin material multi-layer co-extrusion form.
This production line is developed by our company on the basis of absorbing the international advanced technology, the important parts of screw and die head are specially designed according to the properties of PP-R material. The electrical control uses frequency control, all the main electric parts are imported famous brand products; the total production line has the advantages of high output, stable quality, small deviation of the products, etc. therefore, it is the first-rate equipment in the plastic machinery industry. Meanwhile, this production line is suitable to produce the PP-C, PE-X cross-link pipe and the polyolefin pipes. Our company will offer formula, crafts and turn-key project.
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