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Plastic PET Bottle crushing Washing and Recycling Line capacity 300-3000kg/hr

PET bottle recycling line is mainly used to crush, wash and dry the waste PET bottles. We can professionally design the recycling line according to customers’ waste PET material. The capacity can be 500kg to 3000kg per hour.


The pet bottle recycling line is specially designed to produce fiber use PET flakes.The flakes can be used for the 2-D, 3-D PSF, filament yarn, PET strap, PET sheet or PET film.The pet bottle recycling line can adopt the PLC automatic control of the full line to control the final products quality and save energy.

Pet bottle recycling line can be equipped with the Europe automatic material sorting system and color sorting system.Pet bottle recycling line can be customized according to the raw material and customer requirement.

The plastic recycling machine is basically consist of belt conveyer, crusher, steam washer, scrubbing washing unit, rinsing and precipitation washing unit, centrifugal dewatering unit, hot air flow drying unit, and electric control cabinet.

Flowchart Plastic PET Bottle Washing and Recycling Line for plastic recycling machine :Conveyor belt →Label remover machine → Sorting table→Conveyor belt → Crusher → Screw loader→ Float washing tank→ Friction washing machine → Screw loader→Hot washer tank → High-speed friction washing machine → Floating washing tank → Dewatering machine → hot air dryer system → zig zag air classifier system → Silo

PET washing line

No. Machine List Function
1 Belt Conveyor Bottles conveying
2 Bottle Label Remover Remove above 90% labels for both common and compressed bottle; No flakes waste and no water consumption
3 Manual Sorting Belt Manually sort out PVC bottle, labels, and other impurities
4 Belt Conveyor Bottle conveyor tp crusher
5 PSJ1200 Crusher Bottle crushing into flakes
6 Horizontal Screw Loader Conveying flakes to next screw loader
7 Screw Loader PET flakes conveying
8 Floating Washer Wash flakes and remove floating materials as PP, PE and Caustic soda
9 Low Speed Friction Washer Remove sand, mud and dirty
10 Hot Washer After hot washing, it’s easier to remove oil, glue
11 Screw Loader PET flakes conveying
12 Hot Washer After hot washing, it’s easier to remove oil, glue
13 Screw Loader PET flakes conveying
14 High Speed Friction Washer Remove the glue and dirty
15 Screw Loader PET flakes conveying
16&17 Floating Washer Wash flakes and remove floating material as PP, PE and Caustic Soda
18 Spray Washer Remove the Caustic Soda
19 Centrifugal Dryer Drying and flakes moisture reach 2%
20 Pipeline Dryer Hot air drying, moisture <1%
21 Label Flake Separator Remove little amount of label and dust in PET flakes
22 Packaging System Storage silo for PET flakes
23 Electric Cabinet Electric control for the complete line, can be customized

PET Flake Quality Reference Table:


Moisture Content <0.9% Label <20ppm
PVC <20ppm Variegated Tablets <30ppm
Glue <10ppm pH Neutral
PP/PE <20ppm Total Impurity <100ppm
Metal <20ppm Flake Size 12mm, 14mm or customized

Production Consumption:

Items Average Consumption Per Ton Flakes
Electricity (kw/h) 200 kw/h
Steam (kg) 500 kg
Washing Detergent (kg) 8 kg
Water (t) 2m³

Estimated Plant Parameters:

Capacity(kg/h) 1000 2000 3000
Power Installed(KW) 500 700 900
Required Area(m²) 750 900 1000
ManPower 5 6 7
Steam Volume(kcal) 60000 70000 80000
Compressed Air (m³/min) 10 15 15
Water Supply (m³/h) 43226 43327 43388

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