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Main Technical Features

1)Electronic wire and auto wire protection;
2)Circuit of pipeline for machines;
3)Water feeding and irrigation ;
4)Vacuum cleaner hose for collecting dusts;
5)Protective pipes for lamps and lanterns wire,etc.

Use:  PVC Single wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line can produce pipe with heating-proof , corrosion-proof, friction-proof and high strength . And the pipe will be used in electricity/pneumatic wire conduit , Auto wire conduit , protection conduit , machine tools , electric locomative, projections installation , lights, automatic tools and other fields . It is a big market demand .

forming machine

Advantage for this single wall corrugated pipe making machine:

1.Single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line/machine/plant is a new-generation product developed by the company, which gathers the advantage of the international advanced types into one body.
2.The corrugated pipe forms fast and have the uniform shapes, consistent seams and smooth inner & outer wall by gear driving modules and fan cooling. It continuously extrudes various standards of PVC, LDPE and HDPE single wall thermoplastic corrugated pipes.
3.Single wall corrugated pipe production line is composed of single screw extruder, quick extrusion die-head, gear molding machine, nitride forming modules and automatic winder.

Manufacturing Machines for Single Wall Corrugated Pipe:

These pipes are of high-temperature bearing, corrosion resistance, durable and flexibleness.
They are widely used as drainage pipe of air conditioner and washing machine, and also as protection sleeve in wiring cable of cars, electric wire, light wires, etc.

small corrugated pipe production line

Process flow :

Raw material + master batches → mixing →vacuum feeding → material dryness → single screw extruder → extrusion mold→ corrugation forming machine → meter measure → double winder → finished product inspecting and packing

Main Technical Parameter

Main Machine Provided Single-Screw Extruder or double screw extruder
Pair of Mold Block 42-72
Pipe State Single wall corrugated pipe
Drawing Speed 3~15m/min
Mold Block Cooling Mode Wind cooling
Pipe Cooling Mode Water cooling
Wind Cooling Power 0.5×2KW
Main Machine Power 15-18.5KW
Driving Power of Auxiliary Machine 2.2KW
Set Weight 2500kg
Set Appearance Dimension 7500mm×1600mm×1700mm


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